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CCOM Faculty

Academic Affairs

  • Chuanmin Wang, D.C., LAc                                                 Instructor 

D.C. National University of Health Science

B.A. Fu-Jen Catholic University – Philosophy

M.Ed. National Taiwan Normal University – Education


  • Harry Hong, Ph. D, LAc                                                          Instructor

M.D. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

M.S. University of Idaho – Molecular Biology

Ph. D Medical College of Ohio – Medical Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

  • Henry Mao, MD                                                                         Instructor

M.D.  Shanghai TongJi University

Sixth Degree Black Belt Certification, Beijing Sport University

National First Degree Wushu Judge Certification, Beijing Sport University

  • Renlin Xia, M.D.                                                                        Instructor

M.D. Shanghai Second Medical College

  • Sissi, Miao, Ph.D, MBA                                                           Instructor

MBA, Kellogg School of Management – Marketing

Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago – Biochemistry

  • Syed Neyaz Ahmed                                                                   Instructor

M.B.B.S. Karnatak University Al-Ameen Medical College- Medicine and Surgery


  • Tian Xia, D.O.                                                                             Instructor

B.S. University of Illinois in Chicago – Biology and Pre-Medicine

D.O., Midwestern University

  • Yong Gao Wang                                                                         Instructor

    M.D. Lac(China) Licensed Acupuncturist in Illinois.





  • Schuck, Ken                                                        Chief Financial Officer

B.S. Northern Illinois University


  • Yong Gao Wang                                                                           President

M.D. Lac(China) Licensed Acupuncturist in Illinois.


  • Steven                                                                           Librarian

B.A. Union College – American Studies

M.A. McGill University– Library and Information Science