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The Chicago College of Oriental Medicine have three semester a year.  The next class start dates for 2021 Spring is 05/03/2021. See the college’s catalog for start dates thereafter.

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Dare to become a part of the life changing profession of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Applicants seeking admission to the Chicago College of Oriental Medicine must be prepared to demonstrate a sense of service, a caring attitude, the ability to communicate effectively, be motivated and have a solid academic foundation.

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Course Catalog

At the Chicago College of Oriental Medicine we want to make sure that you get the most complete picture of our services. Please refer to the college’s catalog for more information on our programs, clinics and other services.

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Stay informed and up-to-date on the changing world of Oriental Medicine.  For more information click on the link below:

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Unifying the Medical Traditions of the East and the West!

Both the Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture programs will have clinical components.  The Oriental Medicine program will have a research/publishing course as well.  The concentration within both programs is on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Fu System of physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment, often referred to as the “Eight Principles” style.  Graduates with a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine will also study and acquire competencies in herbal theories and the tradition of the Han Lun and Wen Bing as well as the principles of nutrition employed in the Western Tradition.

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Students who select the option to complete the clinical experience abroad will be given this opportunity in a controlled format, coordinated between the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and the Chicago College of Oriental Medicine.  The 120 hour OM5304 Clinical Internship will be conducted at the University’s affiliate, the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Hospital.  CCOOM will send its clinical supervisor abroad with students studying for that trimester to coordinate and oversee this activity.  


Chicago College of Oriental Medicine

Thank you for choosing the Chicago College of Oriental Medicine. We appreciate your interest and consider it a privilege to participate in fulfilling your educational goals.

CCOM offers science-based graduate education through the Master’s of Acupuncture and the Master’s of Oriental Medicine programs. The academic programs are backed by dedicated faculty, a resourceful learning network, and a strong academic support system. Specifically, CCOM is dedicated to the integration of proven traditional methods with Western medicine practices. CCOM provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned from the ancient wisdom that has developed over 4,000 years and makes them relevant to the healthcare environment in the 21st-century.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has been my life for over 25 years. It brings me great joy to practice this time-honored profession. My dream, through CCOM, is to introduce you to the satisfaction of this holistic learning experience, which realizes your professional career along with achieving your personal growth.

We invite you to visit our beautiful campus in Chicago downtown for an individual info session. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the programs first-hand. Meanwhile, visit our website at to explore what CCOM has to offer.

If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, please contact us. It is imperative that we build a culture of continual improvement. Your input, therefore, is critical to CCOM’s growth. Being here says that you care about others and are willing to heal the hurting. Together we can make you better. I am honored that you are with us and I wish you all the best.

Dr. Yong Gao Wang.

非常感谢您感兴趣且最终选择芝加哥中医学院,并在这里完成自己的学业目标。芝加哥中医学院经伊利诺州高等教育局批准,向合格的毕业生核发针灸和中药学的硕士学位。我们学院拥有多年行医经验的中医专家学者教授执教,资源丰富的学习网络,强大的学术支持系统。尤其是,芝加哥中医学院以发扬中国传统医学为宗旨,致力于针灸和中药学教育的现代话,专注于传统东方医学和现代西方医学的结合,并向学生提供相关知识和技能,把拥有4000年发展历史的古代东方智慧和先进的现代西方医疗系统有机结合起来。 中医和针灸作为替代和补充医学,由于疗效神奇、显著,无不良副作用,在美国广受欢迎。 美国各州纷纷立法承认中医、针灸的合法地位, 至今已有四十七个州需要考取执照才能从事中医针灸。 2018年10月26日,川普总统更是签署Opioids Law,针灸正式写入美国法律。针灸、中药逐渐进入美国主流医学,获得认可。以大芝加哥地区为例, 各著名医学院(如芝加哥大学医学院、西北大学医学院、伊州大学医学院和LOYOLA大学医学院等附属医院)都聘有中医师提供针灸等治疗。也有越来越多的美国医疗保险公司(像BCBS, HUMANA, UNITEDHEALTHCARE等)给针灸等治疗费用支付账单。针灸和中医在美国的发展前景广阔。  针灸和中药学在我的生命中超过25年了。在行医过程中积累了大量的经验并从中获取巨大的精神愉悦。我的梦想是,您可以在芝加哥中医大学,通过对相关知识和技能的学习和训练,确定您人生的事业方向并实现个人成长。 我们真诚的邀请您到我们在芝加哥市区的学校进行参观。您会对我们的学校有个大体的印象和评估,同时,请访问我们的网站:WWW.CCOOM.ORG 看看我们学校可以为您带来什么。 任何时间,如果您有想法或者疑问,请和我们联系,不断的成长对我们来说是势在必行的。您的建议,对芝加哥中医学院的成长是及其重要的。期待学校和您一起共同成长。 您最真诚的 学院创立人:王永高医师