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About CCOM

Mission Statement

The Chicago College of Oriental Medicine (CCOM) is a post baccalaureate institution that provides a holistic learning experience.  The goal is to train students on the fundamental and best practices of Oriental Medicine, health, wellness and acupuncture so that they can either practice or integrate their education with western medicine to provide a compliment of health care choices to the public.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of the College of Oriental Medicine is to become a part of the unifying force between the medical traditions of the East and the West.  It is to educate and train competent practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine by providing high quality academic and clinical programs that meet or exceed the professional standards established by the accrediting and licensing authorities; and it is ultimately to promote wellness, healing and treatment of the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


  • Recruit a student body that possess the skills set, maturity and personal commitment that will help them become competent and caring practitioners
  • Graduate exceptional health care practitioners who serve their respective communities.
  • Provide an educational environment that nurtures and supports personal and professional growth.
  • Expand the scope, definition and treatment of health & wellness options.
  • Maintain the highest levels of effective and compassionate healthcare for clinic patients.
  • Promote community wellness through the creation of health appropriate programs for Chicagoland residents
  • Foster an atmosphere of cross-cultural cooperation by establishing an open dialogue with other members of the metropolitan healthcare community and
  • Develop clinical training sites in diverse environments that promotes real world experiences in the application of oriental medicine
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