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Master’s of Oriental Medicine Degree

Master’s of Oriental Medicine Degree

Master’s of Oriental Medicine
Trimester Credit Hours – 154.766
Clock Hours – 2,963

The Master’s of Oriental Medicine program is comprised of the same courses that are contained in the Master’s of Acupuncture but adds an additional trimester that addresses Chinese Herbology and related studies. The program may be completed in three calendar years (nine consecutive trimesters) but must be completed within eight years from the date of matriculation.

Program Outline

Traditional Chinese Medicine50 Credits
795 Clock Hours
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Diagnosis 15
Tai Ji0.5
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Diagnosis 24
Diagnostic Analysis in Chinese Medicine1
Materia Medica 14
Materia Medica 25
Tui Na1
Traditional Oriental Food Therapy2
Herbal Formulas & Strategies 14
Herbal Formulas & Strategies 25
Musculoskeletal Treatment1.5
Classics – Nei Jing2
Herbal Clinic Medicine 13
Herbal Clinic Medicine 23
*Orthopedic Assessment 12
*Orthopedic Assessment 22
*Herbal Review & Synthesis4
*Herbal Classics1
Acupuncture & Technique27.5 Credits
585 Clock Hours
Acupuncture Point Location 12
Acupuncture Point Location 22
Needling Techniques 11.6
Acupuncture Treatment Strategy3
Medical Asepsis & Risk Management0.4
Needling Anatomy2.5
Needling Techniques 22.5
Accessory Techniques1.5
Acupuncture Clinical Medicine 13
Acupuncture Clinical Medicine 23
Advanced Needling Technique1
Acupuncture Clinical Medicine 33
Acupuncture Review & Synthesis2
Biomedicine35.266 Credits
548 Clock Hours
Medical Terminology1
Anatomy and Physiology 14
Anatomy and Physiology 24
Western Pathophysiology 13
Western Pathophysiology 22
Western Medical Screening 13
Western Medical Screening 21
Topics in Western Clinical Medicine 13
Topics in Western Clinical Medicine 23
Topics in Western Clinical Medicine 33
Topics in Western Clinical Medicine 43
Professional Development10 Credits
150 clock hours
Introduction to Chinese Language1
Ethics in Healthcare1
Foundations of Evidence Informed Practice2
Interactive Skills1
Practice Management 12
Practice Management 22
*Herbal Pharmacy Management1
Clinical Studies31 Credits
870 Clock Hours
Clinical Observation 11
Clinical Observation 21
Clinical Observation 31
Clinical Observation 41
Clinical Observation 51
Pre-clinical Workshop2
Clinical Seminar 11
Clinical Seminar 21
Clinical Internship 14
Clinical Internship 24
Clinical Internship 34
Clinical Internship 44
Clinical Internship Acupuncture2
*Clinical Internship Oriental Medicine4
Research1 Credit
15 Clock Hours
*Clinical Research & Publication1


* course specific to oriental medicine only

Totals for Entire Program of Acupuncture = 139.766 Credits / 2,678 Clock Hours

Totals for Entire Program of Oriental Medicine = 154.766 Credits / 2,963 clock hours

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